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The (not so obvious) path to a solution

In a business context, a solution[1] is basically a set of products or services designed to meet a particular need. So looking for a solution implies to:

  1. Realize that there is something to address, to resolve
  2. Understand the nature of this ‘thing’
  3. Clearly articulate the corresponding needs
  4. Determine the type of solution that could be helpful: product, service, process or methodology improvement, organizational restructuring, coaching … or a mix of all these ! Read more …

When methodology is diverted

26Methodology is a set of methods and procedures describing how to reach a result. Every enterprise developing products or services makes use of various development methodologies [1] but they are sometimes diverted from their original intent, for example for project management [2] purposes. Read more …

Let’s improve ! … but, is a framework enough ?


Every company willing to structure and improve its functioning and efficiency makes use of different types of “frameworks” or other “best practices” libraries. These frameworks prove to be very helpful because they allow to benefit from others experience, to comply to industry standards, to increase quality, customer satisfaction, etc.  Read more …

Quid of the functional strategy ?


It is obvious that proper company management implies an optimum management of resources: people, time, money, raw material, etc. One of the means used for example by the big car manufacturers for that purpose is to avoid re-designing each new vehicle from scratch. So they design car parts, frame, engine, … which will be reused and common to several models of the range and sometimes to models of other brands.  Read more …