About this blog

With this blog, I wanted to share observations, insights and patterns dealing mainly with Enterprise Architecture and the functioning of organisations implying Information Technology.

There are many definitions for the Enterprise Architecture (EA) concept, from all the definitions available here are two I particularly appreciate:

  1. It is everything that supports the vision and the strategy of the enterprise
  2. It is the description of how the business and IT interweaves

So EA is not just about technology, it also caters for everything that is needed by the organisation to function properly; its metabolism.

I organised articles in five main categories:

  1. Organisation
  2. Business processes
  3. Methodology
  4. Architecture and technology
  5. People

According to me, they reflect the main dimensions that an organisation ideally addresses simultaneously in order to tackle challenges effectively and in an holistic manner. As a consequence, articles often pertain to more than one category.

I hope these articles will be useful and I am looking forward to receiving your comments !

Michel Goës