The myth of the providential man

heroEnterprises are sometimes confronted with stagnating situations or projects. These situations may arise because the enterprise might not be able to address them with its own means (organization, infrastructure, methodology, people) and an external contribution is then required to improve things.

For example, the enterprise can hire one or more external persons who it hopes will unlock the situation. Since the nature of what is causing this stagnation may or may not be identified and since – by assumption – the enterprise is not able to address the situation by itself, it is unclear which type of skills would be required to address the situation.

We then enter a blurry area where logic loses some ground and more subjective parameters take more importance. It is then easy to come to a point where it is believed that a couple of very experienced external contributors with the necessary background and skills can help and make a difference.

An experienced and skilled person is certainly capable to assess a situation in its multiple dimensions (organization, methodology, infrastructure , persons), propose strategies, tactics and even solutions BUT a single (or couple of) individual(s) cannot make all this a reality alone.

It is not reasonable to think that things can be addressed, improved or solved without the participation of the individuals being integral parts of the organization. The active participation and involvement of the company employees and managers is absolutely mandatory for a successful implementation of the proposed strategy, tactics and solutions.

The withdrawal attitude or lack of involvement of an enterprise can fall into after having sought external help is often an important factor for failure. The only way the company challenges can be successfully addressed is together as a group.


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